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RotaChock® BasicLine

This type is the primary solution for new designs and applications being built. When the gap height is still on the drawing board, just put in the RotaChock® BasicLine.

The foundation bolt runs through the center hole of the RotaChock®, clamping the machine foot, the RotaChock®, and the top plate of the foundation together securely. When your equipment’s realignment is required, just loosen the foundation bolts and adjust the RotaChock® BasicLine to meet your target alignment. This adjustability feature is unmatched in the industry and creates vital time benefits compared to other chocking solutions.


The RotaChock® BasicLine has the following design features:

  1. Spherical top ring for angular difference up to 4° between the machine foot and the foundation.

  2. Tool groove and holes to aid installation with a wide range of tools.

  3. Buttress thread design for maximum strength and stiffness.

  4. Standard ACE finish: Anti-Corrosion Enhanced for cost-effective corrosion protection.

  5. The footprint is large and reduces surface pressure.

  6. Type Approved by all major classification societies. 

The RotaChock® BasicLine consists of 10 different sizes ranging from 51 mm to 254 mm outside diameter and covering the full range of M12 up to M72 foundation bolts. The rated load of RotaChock® increases with the outer diameter. RotaChock® BasicLine can be supplied in a variety of materials. 

We advise the use of our standard RotaChock® BasicLine that is manufactured from S355 (DIN1.0570) and Anti-Corrosion Enhanced for regular applications. For maximum protection against corrosion in extreme environments, RotaChock® BasicLine can be supplied in stainless steel (316L). For maximum strength when handling extreme forces, RotaChock® BasicLine can be supplied in alloy steel (i.e., 34CrNiMo6).

Please check the
RotaChock® Information Book for further details. 


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