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RotaChock® SlimLine

RotaChock® SlimLine is designed for retrofitting epoxy-grouted installations. Whenever the equipment needs to be realigned, this epoxy has to be carved out again.

The design heights of epoxy resin chocks are in the range of 20 to 40 mm. That's why the SlimLine range has been designed around these same heights. Now you can carve out the epoxy and replace it directly with RotaChock® SlimLine.

This design is not only intended for the retrofit and repair market: RotaChock® SlimLine can be used in all applications and every design. When there is insufficient space to fit the BasicLine, the SlimLine can do the same job but at a minimum height.


The RotaChock® SlimLine has the following design features:

  1. Spherical top ring for angular difference up to 2° between the machine foot and the foundation.

  2. Tool groove and holes to aid installation with a wide range of tools.

  3. Buttress thread design for maximum strength and stiffness.

  4. Standard ACE finish: Anti-Corrosion Enhanced for cost-effective corrosion protection.

  5. The footprint is large and reduces surface pressure.

  6. Type Approved by all major classification societies. 

The RotaChock® SlimLine consists of 5 different-sized elements ranging from 76 mm to 178 mm. in outside diameter and covering the full range of M16 up to M52-sized foundation bolts. The rated load of RotaChock® increases with the outer diameter. RotaChock® SlimLine can be supplied in a variety of materials. 

For regular applications, we advise the use of our standard RotaChock® SlimLine. This one is manufactured from S355 (DIN1.0570), with the threaded parts made of alloy steel (42CrMo4), and is Anti-Corrosion Enhanced for cost-effective corrosion protection. For maximum protection against corrosion in extreme environments, RotaChock® SlimLine can be supplied in stainless steel (316L). For maximum strength when handling extreme forces, RotaChock® SlimLine can be supplied in alloy steel (i.e.34CrNiMo6).

Please check the RotaChock® Information Book for further details. 


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