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i Scan

Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

The i360™ from Automated Precision Inc. (API) is a groundbreaking advancement in handheld measurement system technology. As an accessory to the Radian Laser Tracker, the i360 measure probe is offered in three models to fit any unique need or application: as the wireless, probe-only iProbe, the scan-only iScan II, or the probing/scanning iScan II with Probing. All models offer the same lightweight body and flexible head movement.

Better than Before

Now in its fourth generation, the i360 continues to simplify measurement tasks and increase process efficiency. The iProbe 360, with an additional low-variance probe location, is more accurate than ever at measuring hidden points that cannot be obtained with a spherically mounted retroreflector (SMR). The I-Scan II’s improved camera technology offers greater reliability in scanning. It can also scan a wider variety of surfaces, including high-gloss and high-contrast areas.

Flexibility for Better Measuring

The innovative i360™ sensor head features 360° yaw and 360° roll to achieve unlimited continuous positioning. In conjunction with the Radian’s large work envelope, the i360 provides the freedom to measure even the most complex parts with ease.

Applications Made Easy

The i360 measure probe weighs just 2.5 lbs., and its simple one-button operating system makes using it virtually effortless. The probing models feature external LED lights to make it easy to know which probe tip position is being measured. The i360 Handheld Measurement System can be used for a wide variety of measurement applications, including:

  • Tooling, fixtures and jigs

  • Surface contours

  • Gap and flush measurement

  • Automobile body parts

  • Fixture inspection

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Mold and die cavities

  • Compare to CAD

  • In-process inspection

Interferometer-based Precision

Because the i360 probes and scans through the interferometer-based Radian Laser Tracker, it offers superior precision than other handheld accessories. The iProbe, when used wirelessly, can even take measurements at distances greater than 40 meters.


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i Scan
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