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A complete wireless solution

vProbe’s wireless technology syncs perfectly with API’s Radian & Omnitrac 2 Laser tracker. vProbe makes it easier to operate in your workspace without having to reposition your tracker or fixtures. Gain flexibility and speed and take portability to the next level with the most flexible wireless laser tracker target!

True Portability

The vProbe / Omnitrac 2 integrated system uses wireless technology allowing true portability of the device. The integrated battery is capable of operating for up to 6 hours on a single charge. Set-up, tear down, or relocate the tracking system on the fly.The vProbe has a lightweight design and fits with the Omnitrac 2 in a single carrying case, making transportation easier than ever.

Ergonomic and Flexible

With vProbe’s design and easy-hold grip, it can be operated for longer periods of time with greater agility. Dual stylus locations, easy indicator lights, and a stylus toggle switch makes measurements with the vProbe quick and convenient. Easily measure inside, behind, or the side of an object.

Dyanamic Scanning

vProbe’s dynamic scanning capability provides instant coordinate feedback, allowing the operator to take measurements faster than competing systems.

Fig. 2 API vProbe.jpg

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