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The API industrial laser tracker legacy continues with the latest RADIAN™ tracker series offering the smallest,
lightest and most accurate portable trackers on the market allowing both faster and easier measurements.
APl's compact and rigid UNIBODY tracker design includes shaft mounted laser, motors, and encoders. The
UNIBODY shaft-mounted laser innovation minimizes Abbe offset errors, while also housing laser source, optics,
camera and major head electronics in the center of the tracker
body. The central location of all heat sources, allows rapid
distribution of heat throughout the body during warm-up or
drastic ambient temperature variations. This ensures the tracker
maintains constant and symmetrical heat equilibrium
throughout its operation, resulting in a shorter warm-up time
and superior measurement stability.
The rigid UNIBODY instrument casting offers innovative "air-over
cooling" minimizing thermal effects, which provides increased
temperature stability, faster start-up times, and further reducing
instrument error enhancing overall measuring performance.
Competitive trackers, with side-mounted lasers, create
unbalanced heat sources requiring complex and lengthy
warm-up routines involving extended thermal stabilization
periods before accurate measurements can be performed.
APl's integrated controller offers cable-less and hazard-free
tracker operation in confined spaces. Onboard Wi-Fi reduces
system setup and provides seamless operation.
APl's wide-angle iVision™ fast autolock allows rapid recapture of lost laser beam providing effortless usability for
difficult to access and interrupted line of sight measurements. The combination of onboard and external batteries
provide 8 hours of continuous operation.

Radian - PRO_left_no_stand_(isolated).pn
Radian Exploded View_092818.png

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