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Active Target

Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

The award-winning, one-of-a-kind Active Target Spherically Mounted Retroreflector ™ from Automated Precision Inc. (API) is a next generation Spherically Mounted Retroreflector (SMR). This motorized target locks on to any API laser tracker and automatically positions itself so it will never lose the beam. The Active Target™ allows for automated tracking and measurements on machine tools, robots, or any other movable object where a standard SMR could not do the job.

So How Does It Work?

The center reflector of the Active Target™ works in a similar fashion to any standard SMR. The difference is the Active Target™ features built-in motorization technology that automatically positions the reflector to always be facing the tracker regardless of movement.

Active Target™ Advantages

Since the Active Target™ automatically positions to stay locked on; it’s easy to measure long rails, the movements of vehicles, even the compound motion of robots. The Active Target™ also tracks the position of CMMs and CNC machining equipment without manual user intervention.


Top 20 Innovative Product in Machine Tool Industry 2010

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