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Smart Track

The SmartTrack™ Sensor (STS)
is a major breakthrough for
measurement and alignment
applications. The STS combined
with an API laser tracker enables
users to determine the position
(x, y, z) and angular orientation
(i, j, k) of robotic movement in

Real-Time Targeting
The SmartTrack’s motorized sensor intuitively tracks API’s laser beam to
expand 3D data by providing angular information in real-time.

Large Measurement Envelope
The STS has an operating radius of more than 50 meters and infi nite yaw
articulation, making it the most advanced 6DoF laser tracker sensor in its
Volumetric Robotic Compensation
The accuracy and fl exibility of the STS allows certifi cation, calibration, and
compensation of robotic programming.

Unmatched Portability & Mounting Versatility
Weighing only 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs), the patented sensor’s compact size allows for
easy mounting in any orientation on a variety of robots and machines.


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API Smart Track
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